Happy B-Day Kame!
Happy 26th Birthday ┌iiii┐ Kazuya Kamenashi ♥

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Hey Guyz!!
Just changing my Calendar \(○^ω^○)/

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Happy 25th Birthday Kazuya ♥


I hope all your dreams and wishes come true
May this year be your best ever ☆゚・*

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o⌒☆merry X'mas Everyone☆ミ

I am dreaming of white Christmas,Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten, and children listen To hear sleigh bells in the snow*・゚。:.*

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, With every Christmas card I write. May your days be merry and bright. And may all your Christmases be white *☆

Just because you're Far away, don't think For a moment that you're forgotten.I'm thinking about you because loving thoughts travel far,
And wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year
Full of wonderful things☆

Christy ~

Kamenashi Kazuya interview translation - AnAn October 2010
Kamenashi Kazuya interview translation - AnAn October 2010

"I don't have any hair wax in today, lol"

So started the photoshoot with Kamenashi Kazuya. Natural hair and seeming relaxed in the room.

"Recently in private, I feel like I've been returning to the past a bit. Baseball and surfing have had a revival. I think I'll have another go at guitar again too. Surfing has been a really big revival though. Recently I was at the beach fighting with the waves, but it was so much fun!"

In private you're a man who enjoys nature, but at work, someone who enjoys a lot of variation. Every week on the live broadcast of "Going! Sports & News" you manage interviews with althetes and give reports of your experience.

"For the first month I couldn't really get the flow of it, it was terrible. Now though, I don't feel like 'practice!', I feel like 'this is familiar'. I guess I've finally taken on my role, huh."

And there has been a big turning point for KAT-TUN, your first overseas tour.

"Of course I've always felt like this prior to this tour, but it really reaffirmed the value of our group*. For one thing, the gap between the members has really changed, we've started talking a lot. We've become level-headed, and I feel like we're able to share our opinions with each other better. The things we've done up till now, and the things we have to do from here on in, I guess we were finally able to see it. I think there were a lot of things like that we got out of this tour."

Grateful for the change in the group

For KAT-TUN, the group with no leader, it seems like Kamenashi is the one to pull** them [along].

"I'm the youngest, so I guess you could say I get things my way...... I make decisions quick, I 'spose***. Maybe that's what people see as the pull I have, or like how I draw them together. It's not that someone pulls us together, I think if we didn't all have that(4*) mind we wouldn't be able to reach a conclusion. That's something all the members make together, right? 'Cause it's our group. (5*) The four of them don't have the same feelings as me, they don't have my personality, and I think that's become our forte. I've felt the importance of our changed group."

Now, having overcome some big changes, are there any changes to the individual man?

"Nothing has changed. In the past and still now, I'm just a human being with feelings, lol. I just work in that place, however I'm feeling. I really have an On and Off, you know. I'm bad with homework, lol. Like before a concert at home I listen to songs and the candidates keep changing, but after that when I go into a meeting and get told 'we'll decide now', the switch flicks. As soon as I get an idea, everything happens so fast! I do it all at once..... but I think I'm starting to withdraw those instant decisions more and more. Becaise at times like these [instant decision], if I do this [withdraw/plan better], it means I am able to see the next step a little more."

He'll be 25 soon. He's said to have a good sense about love and romance, so we asked him about his feelings on it.

"I want her to be watching me from the back a little, but when [I] notice, come and face me. Basically I don't like being gripped by a girl's initiative. (6*) It might make me roll over as a result, lol. I want her to make me feel like I'm being pulled. 'Cause I'm willing to be pulled in, lol."

By that do you mean you like to see a girl who is able to keep quiet?

"No, it's not that. Someone who is passive, but who has a decent attack too. Someone who is incredibly girlish, but when it comes down to it, she can't stand to lose. For example, if she's drowning I'll go save her right? In that situation, I want her to try swimming with her own strength too. For the sake of saving themselves, someone who would take off all their clothes and try to swim. (7*) And like with insects, someone who can deal with them when they are alone. A girl who screams 'Kya~!' when she's with a guy, but she's fine on her own. That kind of girl is called 'Burriko'(8*) , but who cares, 'cause I'm a bit of a show off guy(9*) lol. We'll be making each other look cool, so it's totally ok for her to pretend to be cute. It's fun that way, love is."

After breaking up, affection for that woman doesn't dissapear.

For the shoot this time the staff requested 'an expression of yearning for an unrequited love'. Can you imagine an unrequited love?

(instantly) "I can. But I'd keep going until I was at breaking point. Aaa~ Until it was really over. Then, once I understand it's really not going to work, I'd fall in love with a different type. I don't think love and romance is just about being lovers. Of course your lover is the most important person, the person you love the most, that doesn't change. For example, there are times when you're around a woman you've broken up with, right? The affection for that person doesn't just turn to zero. I don't think it has to become zero. It just turns into respect for them as a person. Afterall, guys fall in love too. Like a guy I thought was suave, I wouldn't mind telling them I'd give them a hug just once. But that's totally out of the question (lol). I guess that person is just attractive."

Uptill now we've talked about after encountering someone attractive. So, what are the words of love they would tell you that stick in your mind? (10*)

"I don't know about words of love, but words that support me would be "I'll be watching you"(11*). It's my job to get watched but... even if I do wel,l or if I do poorly, if they're not watching me, nothing is going to start [between us]. I'd welcome the opinion that it wasn't good. Cause then I would try harder next time."

There is a person who expresses their pride as being able to take any opinion on board in earnest. What about hearing words of love that are impressed on people through movies, drama, and manga?

"It depends on the situation. Just saying the word "See ya", depending on the case, can be seriously cool as all hell. I feel like being pushed away a little is more attractive than being asked outright. I prefer their figure, walking away as they say 'Look after yourself...' rather than, 'Stay with me forever...'. In dramas and movies, the guy who pulls away is cooler than a guy who hangs around, right? So if I was in that situation? I'd probably say that, cause I act cool (lol). Crying on the inside while saying 'See ya'."

Is that because you're looking at yourself objectively?

"I might think about doing it this way because it's cool, or I might think about what would happen. It's like a bungy jump, I thought I would be cool after I'd jumped, so I jumped (lol). Even though I'm terrible with rollercoasters~ weird, isn't it?"

Kamenashi Kazuya, who says "It's cause I'm a show off". I'd like to catch up again with the idol who jumps out in such style, anytime.


*HAH. LIES. It's only NOW that he's started thinking "Maybe they aren't such a bunch of useless douchebags afterall... We did make it overseas and all..."

** It just says 'pull' but I think the intention is 'pull along' or to lead the members.

*** Just for any non-native English speakers, juuuuuust incase, spose is slang for suppose.

4* I think 'that' mind is referring to a similar mind between members.

5* Well! That stumped me. Here Kame said 'Sekkaku group nandakara' (せっかくグループなんだから and fuck me if I know how to put that into English... It can, from my understanding, mean something that has been painstakingly worked at or waited for, kind of like a beloved thing you've slaved over. Open for suggestions if anyone has a better understanding of the word.

6* So what he's sayin here is he doesn't like being approached by man-eaters. Are you all taking notes? Oh and he wants to be made to feel like he's being pulled? Well, I have horses so I'm pretty handy with a lassoo.....

7* LOL It's not what he meant, but I have this image of Kame standing on a riverbank with his arms folded yelling "If you want me to save you, you're gonna have to get naked!"

8* Burriko is a slang word meaning a girl who pretends to be a bimbo, basically. Or a woman who acts like a younger girl.

9* Kakkotsuke-man = someone who acts cool/shows off/tries to look good. If Kame was American, he and his g/f would be prom King and Queen basically. Disgusting. XD

10* I could have made this really gay (and truer to the words used) and translated it as 'What are the words of love they would tell you that resound in your heart?' but I couldn't bring myself to do it. So gay.

11* I'm pretty sure if someone said to me "I'll be watching" I'd feel threatened, stalked etc. I guess thats out of context though. It is sweet when your boyfriend says they'll be watching your game/dance or whatever... but still. I thought it was creepy before I realized it can be sweet too. lol.


Translation credits ♥ zurui_koi.livejournal.com

Please no reposting or resharing thx (^-^*)



We met online,had a good time chatted
again a became good friends.

Time went on and wer're still here I
truly believe you're someone dear!

Here's something I'd like to share
with you, for all your love and
kindness too.

It's a symbol of the friendship we
share together, a friendship I hope
will last forever.

And although we live so far apart..
Always remember you hold a piece of my heart ♥

Love Always, Christy

thx naricina <3

HELLO ~!!!!
((((●・ω・)ノ♡ A big hello to everyone on my friends list ~!!!!

I -*)。:゚£ονё all you guyzz ♥♥♥♥

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Vol. 08 Interview
Omasa Aya (Nakahara Sunako)

Q: Your thoughts when you landed this role?
A: When I first heard about it, I was happy. My elder sister has the manga. But when I read them over many times, I started to worry. "This role, it's difficult! How will I portray her?", those thoughts came to me. There's also the pressure of whether fans of the original work will like it.

Q: Regarding your anxiety, you consulted the director about it?
A: I talked to both the director and producer about my worries and doubts on playing the role of Sunako before filming began.
As Sunako's face is covered by her fringe and the fact that she also has very few lines, the director advised, "The changes in Sunako's mental state, they cannot depend on her facial expressions or the few words she utters. So use the whole body. It seems that Omasa is doing okay." His encouragement makes me do my best.

Q: How do you use your whole body?
A: The pose for my hands, the way I walk and speak. "This movement, it's Sunako-like!" I think about each and every action I make. I practise to show the nature of Sunako. Now even after filming is over, I act like Sunako! [laugh]

Q: Aya-chan, what are your thoughts on Sunako's character?
A: I think she's awkward, but considerate towards others. She's like a pure and cute child.

Q: What is unique about Sunako's room?
A: At first I was shocked seeing many scary ornaments in the room, now I go "Kawaii!" I've grown to like them [laugh].
I don't like being in small spaces, but I've been able to relax in the coffin bed. I've dozed off in there during filming intervals [laugh]. I've gotten used to it.

Q: How's the atmosphere at filming locations?
A: Both the cast and staff are really cheerful! During filming I'm always in the black cloak, and hardly have any make-up on, but they still treat me like a girl [laugh].

Q: Message for the audience.
A: I think more or less, everyone has complexes. Each of us will view the positive and negative traits in different ways. Myself included, I have many complexes. To the viewers, while watching Kyohei and Sunako deal with their complexes, I hope that you too will face your complexes and be able to have the power to change for the better. Please watch 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge'.

Source ~ unleashthegeek

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Story 3 ~
More cool stuff from unleashthegeek ~

Mari's (Hoshino Aki) plan to befriend Kyohei by involving Sunako has failed disastrously. What's worse is that Kyohei now knows that she is his stalker. Even so, Mari refuses to give up. In fact, she is even more determined to become closer. She kidnaps Sunako's best friend, Hiroshi.

Sunako leaves the house to look for Hiroshi. She does not return. Worried, Kyohei, Yukinojo, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Takeru go on a search. Kyohei knows that Hiroshi is in Mari's hands. He enters her room by himself...

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Vol. 09 Report
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Vol. 09 Report

'Yamanade' x LOTTE Ghana Chocolate Collaboration CM

How's everyone getting along?
Today Team 'Yamanade' is doing editing work.
Episode 1 is already complete... so let's do a preview.
Those impressions... actually that will be in another report on another day!

Everyone, did you watch the 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge' with Lotte Ghana Chocolate collaboration CM on the TV news programmes~?

Sunako's friend Josephine who's usually in her room ♪

It was only in 2010 when the collaboration CM was practised for filming on 'Yamanade'. Filming began at midnight on the 4th, it was a very tight schedule for an opening day, but Kamenashi-kun and Aya-chan were in full power mode!! (Definitely their youth!) Laughter continued throughout the filming. Using the set where Kyohei and the guys live, the flavour of the drama is not lost in the CM.

Aya-chan has a serious expression on her face. The reason is...??

Kamenashi-kun hastens the filming up by discussing each part of the storyboard with the CM director.

Kamenashi-kun: Appearing behind Sunako, this way?
Director: That'll be good.
Kamenashi-kun: The "What's she doing?" type of feeling?
Director: Yes, yes. "She's holding a knife! What's she doing with that?" kind of curiosity.

The director continued to discuss in detail his vision for the scenes.

She's concentrating for the scene where she cuts the chocolate!

Then, one of the highlights of the drama, an action scene with the 2 of them are also included! The stunt coordinator (Tsujii-san) taught them their moves...

Tsujii-san: It's like you're raising your foot.
Aya-chan: This way?
Tsujii-san: That's right.
Kamenashi-kun: Sunako (Aya-chan) has long limbs naa.
Tsujii-san: Kamenashi-kun will move at the same time, so don't wait, give your maximum ne.
Aya-chan: Okay.
Tsujii-san: With a serious look.
Aya-chan: Seriously.
Kamenashi-kun: I'll be alright as long as Sunako follows the instructions.
Tsujii-san: Skillfully keep your distance from her.
Aya-chan: I'll do my best.
Director: Make it fun. Do it with rhythm!

To remember the moves, the 2 of them practised many times over before filming. They understood the scene after they were instructed the first time round. Aya-chan's actions, combined with Kamenashi-kun's reaction, woke the sleepy Web staff up (It's a secret that we were sleepy). As was expected!

During filming; Sunako's back.

Valentine falls during the period of this drama. Kamenashi-kun commented on what he will look forward to, "There are many guys on the set, but Omasa-san will also be around. So I hope to have a new Valentine memory this year." As for Aya-chan, "Every year, I prepare chocolates for friends. This year, there are many guys in the drama. I wonder if I should have expectations for reverse chocolate?"

There's horror, action and even a scene of homemade chocolate being prepared... The 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge' x LOTTE Ghana Chocolate collaboration CM will be on-air from 12th January onwards on TBS. The CM music is the same as the drama's theme song, KAT_TUN's 'Love yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~'. Everyone, look forward to it!!!

You can see the CM here ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD_HS8tF14M
Credit for the link ~ Ann ♥


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